Age Reversing

No matter the treatment or procedure, we will work with you to establish and maintain rapport with you based on mutual trust and respect, then leverage our expertise to provide you with exceptional dental care.

We take a long-term perspective; providing sincere, comprehensive care to help your teeth enjoy optimum health and beauty for a lifetime.


When evaluating smiles, Dr. Kelley Fisher knows that esthetics are more than just beautiful teeth. The lips, cheeks and surrounding areas, all create “a picture” for a youthful smile.

Deep lines, wrinkles or areas with chronic facial pain surrounding the teeth, can all compromise even the most stunning smile. Dr. Fisher looks at the entire picture and gives precise consideration to the esthetic details and facial pain areas of the face.

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    Easy to tolerate with minimal pain and no downtime
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    Safe and effective
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    Effective for treatment of:
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    Forehead Lines
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    Vertical lines between the brows
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    Lines forming at the corners of eyes
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    Can assist in treatment of lines around mouth

Non-Surgical Facelift

Aging of the teeth and the bite greatly influence the appearance of the face. Even worse, they are many health problems that arise from the aging dentition. With age, the distance from our nose to our chin starts to decrease. In reality, about a third of your lower face shrinks. The changes in your face will give you an older, more mature look.

As the face shrinks or collapses, wrinkles appear deeper around the cheeks, mouth and chin. If you add in some tooth loss, this appearance can be made worse giving a “hollowed cheek” appearance and sagging or indented cheeks. Couple this with crooked, chipped and discolored aging teeth and you can quickly see the contribution teeth have to overall appearance.

All On Four

The “All-on-Four” solution is attractive to patients wanting to get rid of their dentures, and to people with failing teeth in need of a full upper and/or lower restoration. This procedure, as the name implies, only requires four dental implants per jaw to support a fully customized set of replacement teeth. The entire “All-on-Four” treatment is completed while the patient is comfortably asleep using sedation dentistry, and the best part is that the procedure is painless and the patient receives their full set of replacement teeth in just 24 hours.

Dental Implants

When you are missing one, two, or all of your teeth, you want your smile repaired immediately. Your teeth complete the picture of what makes you . . . YOU.

Your implants should look natural, with no side effects and long-lasting results.

You should love to look in the mirror at your smile.

Gone are the days where bridges or partial dentures were your only option.

And with a 98% success rate, implants are proven to last even longer and be stronger than real teeth!


Do you struggle with chronic headaches, neck aches, or migraines that just don’t seem to go away, no matter what you’ve tried? Chronic pain, especially in the head, can be extremely debilitating and is a common problem that Dr. Fisher treats often.

Millions of people suffer from chronic headaches and migraines that cause irritation, frustration, and a lack of concentration. Many seek relief through physicians, specialists, and medication, but fail to find relief because they aren’t treating the root issue. If you find that your work and personal life are being affected, it’s time to find a real remedy!


Do you miss enjoying the freedom of eating whatever you want?

The normal bite pressure for a healthy mouth is approximately 2,000 lbs. As you age and begin to lose teeth, your bite pressure can drop to by over 50 percent to 700-800 pounds of pressure. That change can dramatically alter your lifestyle, limiting you to eating only soft foods. As a well-respected Issaquah dentist, Dr. Fisher can help you regain your natural bite, so you can enjoy the foods you love.