How Your Bite Can Impact Your Health

A bite is how your bottom teeth and top teeth come together. A healthy bite means that your bottom teeth and your top teeth are aligned together properly. But if your teeth or jaws are misaligned then they can cause a bad bite better known as malocclusion. Finding people with naturally, and perfectly aligned teeth is rare. Even so, misaligned bite range from mild to severe. Most people think that malocclusion is a cosmetic problem, therefore, they don’t see the need to correct it, but misaligned teeth can affect your overall health in several ways including your teeth, neck, back, […]

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How to Tell If Your Bite Is Misaligned and When to Get Help

Over the last decade, temporomandibular joints (TMJ) has become one of the most featured oral health issues in the medical field. TMJ also known as ‘occlusion’ refers to a medical condition that is associated with an abnormal bite (overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite) caused when the teeth in your upper jaw fit together with those in your lower jaw in a manner that results to a misalignment.How to tell if you have a misaligned bite (symptoms)Occlusion is identified by a variety of symptoms depending on the severity of the situation. Below are the most common associative symptoms:Pain and stiffness […]

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ORTHOPHOS(R) SL 3D Imaging Machine

Orthophos SL 3D is the latest technology in imaging machines that offers sharper-than-ever images, both in 2D and 3D. Both technologies offer a wide variety of collimations. Since the dental practice often requires quality imaging, this machine surely satisfies the practitioners’ requirements and prepares them for different treatment situations. Practitioners are able to view quality images in a dental structure. Using the Direct Conversion Sensors (DCS) and Sharp Layer (SL) technology, the 2D side offers panoramic images whereas the 3D side offers volume flexibility. When the Orthophos SL 3D is combined with the sidexis 4 imaging software, it offers even […]

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How Long Is The Dental Implant Process?

When you lose a tooth, it can be traumatic, especially if your dentist presents you with several options, such as mini dentures, dentures and implants. Many professionals recommend dental implants, which function more like your own teeth. However, the process and timeframe are daunting if you don’t understand what they’re asking you to sign up for.What’s a Dental Implant?Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically installed in your jaw by a dental specialist. They look like a screw and mimic the root of a normal tooth. Getting implants reduces the amount of bone loss due to missing teeth, which […]

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New Year, New You: 5 Resolutions You Can Make for a Healthier Smile

With the new year comes a fresh start which is why so many people use it as an opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions. There’s no better time to step back and evaluate the things you want to improve and begin working toward the person you want to become. Although each person’s resolutions are personal and unique, there seems to be a few resolutions that are shared by a large number of people. According to Statistic Brain, the top ten New Year’s resolutions for 2017 were: 1Lose weight/eat healthier 2Make self/life improvements 3Make better financial decisions 4Quit smoking 5Do more […]

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