Dental Implants in Sammamish WA


When you are missing one, two, or all of your teeth, you want your smile repaired immediately. Your teeth complete the picture of what makes you . . . YOU.

Your implants should look natural, with no side effects and long-lasting results.

You should love to look in the mirror at your smile.

Gone are the days where bridges or partial dentures were your only option.

And with a 98% success rate, implants are proven to last even longer and be stronger than real teeth!

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What is a Dental Implant Exactly?

 A dental implant is a piece of titanium shaped like a tooth’s root. The titanium is implanted into the area of the missing tooth in a simple outpatient procedure. The implant has threads that engage the jaw bone and hold it in place.

When are the Teeth Placed on the Implant?

In some cases, teeth can be immediately placed onto the implant due to the strength of the underlying bone. In other cases, where bone may be lost or of poor quality, the implant will actually integrated with the jaw as bone cells grow around and secure the implant in place.

After the implant is secure and ready to support a tooth, two more parts are added to make the treatment complete, an abutment and a crown.

First, an abutment is attached to the implant.

Second, a crown is fabricated to fit the abutment and match your adjacent teeth in form, color, and function.