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No matter the treatment or procedure, we will work with you to establish and maintain rapport with you based on mutual trust and respect, then leverage our expertise to provide you with exceptional dental care. The perspective of this Issaquah dentist is not short-term; we provide sincere, comprehensive care to help your teeth enjoy optimum health and beauty for a lifetime.

Biocompatible materials
Like the foods you eat, the materials used in your dental care can have an impact on your wellbeing. At the comprehensive dental practice of Dr. Kelley Fisher, we are committed to providing excellent dental care by using only the safest and most advanced materials available. We craft high-quality dental restorations using only biocompatible materials and techniques that are specifically designed to integrate successfully with your natural teeth and oral structures. At Dr. Fisher’s dental…
Mercury Free
In the past, the only option for restoring a tooth was a filling made of metal amalgam (silver). Although metal amalgam fillings are strong and durable, a growing number of experts, dentists and patients have become concerned about the safety and potential risks of the material. Amalgam fillings are largely made of mercury, a powerful and harmful toxin. When released into the body, mercury can have a negative effect on your health. If you are…
Ozone Therapy
At the full-service dental practice of Dr. Kelley Fisher, your safety is the dentist’s top priority. Dr. Fisher and her expert team are well trained in the latest dental techniques and equipped with the most advanced technology to ensure your dental experience is a safe and successful one. To help your teeth and gums stay healthy and clean of infection during treatment, Dr. Fisher provides dental ozone therapy. This energized form of oxygen is vital…
Laser Gum Cleanings
Your gums are critical to the health and beauty of your smile. Unfortunately, half of American adults over age 30 have gum (periodontal) disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Moreover, the majority of adults experience one or more gum problems, including receding gums and gingivitis, caused by bacteria that is not removed properly from the teeth. Periodontal treatment is designed to combat these issues restoring healthy gums for a beautiful smile.…
Sleep Apnea
Have you been told you snore loudly? Do you wake up breathless in the middle of the night? Are you drowsy during the day with no explanation? If so, you may have sleep apnea, a common disorder that affects approximately 40 million people. Sleep apnea is characterized by cessations in a person’s breathing as they sleep. Not only can it cause you to lose a good night’s sleep, it can also lead to more serious…
Digital X-rays
A dentist’s use of advanced technology is crucial to providing patients with the best dental care. At Dr. Kelley Fisher’s Sammamish cosmetic dental practice, the trusted dentist utilizes digital X-rays to diagnose oral health issues and to help create treatment plans more precise and effective than ever before. The Importance of Dental X-Rays Dental X-rays are an important tool in the detection of dental health problems, many of which have few or no symptoms. X-rays…